Happy 2013- okay I know I’m a little late but January has been full and overflowing with all sorts of lovely things and I’ve simply lost track of which month I’m in. February is my unofficial January! So much on the go- lots of music to make, strings to break, new places to visit and beautiful stages to grace!:)

Lots to reveal but one thing at a time. Its going to be an exciting year, and to start it off, I’ll be touring South Africa with my friend, SAMA (South African Music Award) nominated folk rock singer-songwriter Josie Field at the end of February and through March. In 2005 we both released our first albums in Johannesburg and have crossed paths ever since. It seems a wonderful inevitability that we are now collaborating to create a special show that brings our music together in a way that no one has heard before. Can’t wait to get back on the road and visit some of my favourite places and venues with Josie.

Please check out our dates and come say hi. We are so excited to share this experience with you.

See you there x